Technical Textiles

Exceptional durability for specialized applications

Technical textiles encompass a broad range of textile products produced for functional purposes, including geotextiles for civil engineering, agrotextiles for crop protection, and indoor uses such as carpets. Across all applications, they need to meet rigorous standards for longevity, durability, strength and weight.

Our portfolio of premium polypropylene grades for woven, nonwoven, and knitted technical textiles combines cost-effectiveness with exceptional performance that can be tailored for all conditions. They also contribute to a reduced environmental impact through enabling efficient, low-waste processing, and delivering end products with longer lifespans.

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Benefits of Our Polyolefin Materials

  • Efficient production: Optimized for high-speed processing and high output rates, our materials help to minimize waste and reduce production costs.
  • Reduced material consumption: Materials that enable downgauging, enhancing sustainability and cutting costs.
  • Superior aesthetic properties: Gas fading-free additives prevent adverse reactions with nitrogen oxide, ensuring a consistent, high-quality appearance with no discoloration or fading.
  • Enhanced UV performance: Offering more than twice the long-term heat and UV stability than conventional grades, our materials extent the lifespan of textiles used in harsh environments.

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