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Extended the shelf life of your products with our comprehensive thermoforming portfolio

Thermoforming involves using packaging techniques such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to help lock in freshness and extend shelf life. In total, around 90% of the market for thermoformed products is made up of rigid packaging applications for food, including cups and trays for fresh fruit, vegetable, dairy, meat and fish products, and ready-to-eat convenience items.

Our comprehensive portfolio of polypropylene products for thermoforming includes homopolymers, heterophasic and random copolymers, and is designed to meet the needs of both converters and end consumers across a wide variety of applications.

The products in this range offer exceptional uniformity, balanced mechanical properties in terms of stiffness and impact, and excellent processing behavior in terms of extrusion and thermoformability, enabling lightweighting and even thickness distribution.

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