Energy Storage

Ultra-pure, highly processable dielectric capacitor film

Film capacitors offer reliable, high-density, cost-effective energy storage. Our Borclean™ family of polypropylene homopolymer resins has set the industry standard for dielectric film for capacitors for over 30 years. These ultra-pure materials are highly processable and possess superior mechanical properties, enabling you to create durable, reliable capacitors that excel across a wide range of energy storage applications.

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Benefits of Our Polyolefin Materials

  • Superior mechanical properties: Material that exhibits high stiffness and low shrinkage at elevated temperatures.
  • Maximum processability: Balanced rheological properties ensure smooth extrusion and stretching.
  • Outstanding purity: Maximum cleanliness and ultra-low levels of ash for excellent electrical resistance.
  • Elevated performance: Increased heat resistance, higher capacitance, and a low dissipation factor for durable, high-performance capacitors.