Power Transmission

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Power transmission is moving underground

Our customers and project partners benefit since decades from our polyolefin material for High Voltage (HV) cables used for electric power transmission at high voltage. Reliable power transmission lines are required to transport the energy to distribution networks. As overhead lines can be unsightly, electric power transmission can be done using a method like undergrounding as an alternative to overhead power transmission.

Partnership goes beyond delivering products and we are dedicated to finding new ways to support our customers. Our Borlink™ LS4201H insulation compound for HV cables has a significantly improved scorch safety that lowers the risk of defects in cables. Improved scorch performance allows longer production runs and, in combination with the built-in reduced degassing time, cable manufacturers can expect an optimised production cycle.

Recently, we have commisioned the University of Leuven, Belgium, to develop a white paper investigating an impact of using underground cables (UGC) in extra-high voltage (EHV) Alternating Current (AC) networks. The university provided a scientific method for evaluating the impact of UGC or overhead lines when developing the network. Full report is available here.