Quentys™ Resin for Thermoplastic Solar Encapsulant

Recyclable materials compatible with next-generation technologies

Encapsulants shield solar panels, protecting them against environmental wear. Our Quentys™ polyolefin-based encapsulants offer several advantages over traditional ethylene-vinyl acetate-based encapsulants, including superior UV and moisture resistance, the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, and excellent electrical insulation properties. Polyolefin materials also offer various recycling options, for easier end-of-life management.

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Benefits of Our Polyolefin Materials

  • Superior mechanical properties: The polymer’s high melt temperature and viscosity means there is no need for the encapsulant to be cross-linked, significantly simplifying both the film making step and the module lamination process.
  • Future-proof technology: Material that offers lower temperature lamination, making it compatible with next-generation perovskite cell technologies.
  • Effective recycling: Non-cross-linking feature enables easier separation of the photovoltaic module for more effective material recovery.