Quentys™ Polypropylene Compounds for Solar Backsheets

Superior performance meets enhanced recyclability

Solar backsheets protect photovoltaic modules from rain, moisture, and other environmental conditions, provide electrical insulation, and also reflect sunlight back to cells, enhancing the effectiveness of the solar capture system. Our Quentys™ polypropylene compounds for backsheets feature a low water vapor transmission rate, hydrolysis resistance, and excellent UV stability that eliminates the need for the non-recyclable fluorine layers used in traditional backsheets. Offering superior performance and enhanced recyclability, Quentys backsheets support you to drive progress on the green energy transition while also meeting your sustainability goals.

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Benefits of Our Polyolefin Materials

  • Efficient production: Created using a one-step, resource-efficient co-extrusion process, these materials offer an optimal cost/performance balance.
  • Enhanced recyclability: Polypropylene is a widely recyclable material, making it a truly environmentally friendly choice for backsheets.
  • Superior performance: No glues or adhesives are required, reducing the risk of yellowing and delamination.