Quentys™ polypropylene compounds for solar backsheets

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Developed for producing thermoplastic encapsulant films with no cross-linking and lower temperature lamination.

Backsheets are key components of a solar module. While it protects the back side of a module from environmental factors, it provides extra power by reflecting the light back to the cells. Traditional backsheets are made by laminating multiple layers of polymeric films and using fluorine layers for UV protection. The fluorine layers have no chance of recyclability and is a problem for end-of-life management of the PV module.

Borealis has developed Quentys™ polypropylene backsheet compounds to address recyclability of the backsheets while allowing cost effective production by co-extrusion process. Quentys™ PP brings an optimal cost/performance balance to backsheets.

Quentys™ PP features low water vapour transmission rate (WVTR), hydrolysis resistance and excellent UV stability that eliminates the need for an extra fluorine layer protection.

Co-extrusion is a one-step, resource efficient, production technique compared to laminated backsheets. No glues or adhesives are used, taking away the risks of yellowing and delamination of backsheet layers.

Furthermore, PP is a widely recyclable material. Non-existence of fluorine layers makes it a truly environmentally friendly choice for backsheets.