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With efficient, reliable supply and consistent quality, Bormed™ lets you run your operations like clockwork. Benefit from our broad portfolio of solutions, ranging from low-density polyethylene to polypropylene (sterilizable at 121°C) for bottles and ampoules. As supplier of choice for various global pharma packaging companies, our proven track record of over 35 years of experience can be relied on.

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Your sustainable solutions

The Bornewables™ and Borcycle™ are two of our newest sustainable portfolios. The Bornewables offers circular Bormed polyolefins produced with renewable feedstock derived entirely from waste and residue streams and with a reduced carbon footprint, while the Borcycle C line of Bormed uses chemical recycling to renew plastic back to plastic, giving polyolefin-based, post-consumer waste another life. Offering the same material performance and regulatory compliance as virgin Bormed medical grades, these transformative solutions have been created with our planet in mind.

Meet your sustainability targets with ISCC Plus-certified polyolefins produced from renewable or chemically recycled feedstock.


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