Optimal solutions for gas distribution systems with BorSafe™

The role of gas in both industrial and domestic settings has been steadily increasing. Over the past 35 years, polyethylene (PE) has emerged as the material of choice for gas distribution networks in Europe, largely replacing traditional metal pipes due to Its outstanding safety record, low maintenance requirements and cost-effective installation.

Our broad range of BorSafe™ PE grades for gas pipe networks are tailored for both low- and medium-pressure gas distribution systems. Providing consistent, long-term performance, these advanced compounds exceed the requirements of the relevant international standards.

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Benefits of Our Polyolefin Materials

  • High Flexibility: PE pipes are flexible and can follow the curves of trenches. They can also be coiled and wound on drums in sizes up to 180mm diameter.
  • Bimodal benefits: Through using bimodal technology in medium-density PE, BorSafe materials are engineered to exceed the requirements of relevant international standards, reaching even higher levels of consistent, long-term performance.
  • Superior durability: Materials that can be welded using electrofusion and butt fusion techniques, resulting in seamless joins that offer high integrity and resistance to failure, even under earthquake conditions.

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