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The benefits of PE and PP material in the industrial sector

Polyethylene(PE) and polypropylene (PP) raw materials are the preferred material for industrial piping systems including industries such as chemicals, food processing, pharmaceutical and metal processing. This is enabled by their high safety performance and superior physical properties.

In demanding industrial and chemical applications higher safety margins are crucial, especially when:

  • The system is under multi-axial stresses
  • Subjected to impact loading, which can occur frequently
  • Sudden pressure surges occur in the pipelines

Polyethylene grades BorSafe™ PE80 and PE100 are ideal solution for industrial pipes. Even exposure to seawater poses no problem, which makes them ideally suited for submarine outfall pipes or seawater intake pipelines. BorSafe PE100 allows also cost efficient production of pipes up to more than 2m diameter, thanks to their outstanding low sagging properties.

Beta(β)-PP is a homopolymer with an exceptionally homogenous fine structure and much greater impact strength than classic PP. Moreover, its high crystallinity ensures excellent resistance to chemicals and temperature up to 95⁰C.

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