Rear Bumper Fascias

Design your perfect silhouette with materials that offer maximum design freedom

Rear bumper fascias are integral to a car’s silhouette and also serve a vital safety function, protecting the rear of the car during a collision. Our high-performance polyolefin materials for rear bumper fascias offer structural integrity combined with unparalleled design freedom, enabling you to create robust car exteriors with a strong visual identity. Available with up to 25% post-consumer-recycled content with no compromise in performance, these materials have been created with environmental responsibility in mind.

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Benefits of Our Polyolefin Materials

  • Structural integrity: Offering excellent strength and stiffness, these materials ensure that the rear bumper fascia can withstand the impact of collisions without cracking or breaking.
  • Lightweight: Materials that reduce the overall weight of the car, improving fuel efficiency in conventional cars and increasing the range of electric vehicles.
  • Design freedom: High melt flow and strong paint adhesion properties give designers the freedom to create visually appealing, tiger stripe-free rear bumper fascias that complement the overall look of the car.
  • Enhanced sustainability: Materials in this range are available with post-consumer recycled content from our Borcycle™ portfolio, supporting you to meet your sustainability goals.

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