Rocker Panels

Rocker panels are positioned on the lower part of the vehicle, below the doors and between the front and rear wheel wells. These panels provide vital structural support to the car and protection during a collision. Our high-performance polyolefin materials for rocker panels combine robustness with design versatility, enabling you to create elegant car exteriors that are built to ensure both time and environmental challenges.

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Benefits of our polyolefin materials

  • Structural integrity: Superior strength and durability ensure rocker panels maintain their shape and performance over time, protecting the safety of drivers and passengers.
  • Design freedom: Materials that come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes, offering greater design freedom to align with your aesthetic goals.
  • Enhanced sustainability: Available with post-consumer recycled content from our Borcycle™ portfolio, materials in this range are designed to support you to meet your sustainability goals.

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