June 15, 2022

Borealis and EREMA Group provide a first glimpse of the topics, activities and highlights they will present in Düsseldorf

13 June, Borealis and EREMA Group invited representatives of the international plastics and recycling trade press to Upper Austria for a sneak preview of the technological developments and lighthouse projects that the companies will present at K 2022.

K 2022 in Düsseldorf is approaching fast, and preparations are in full swing. 13 June, Borealis and EREMA Group invited representatives of the international plastics and recycling trade press to Upper Austria for a sneak preview of the technological developments and lighthouse projects that the companies will present at K 2022, the plastics industry's international meeting place. The venue for the pre-K event was EREMA Group headquarters in Ansfelden.

Publishers and editors of more than 50 international trade magazines accepted Borealis and EREMAs invitation to Ansfelden to get information first-hand about the companies' trade fair topics and activities.

"Our mission 'Another life for plastic, because we care', is also our tagline at this year's trade fair. This underlines what EREMA company group will be showing plastics industry insiders and all other visitors to the trade fair: That it is possible to implement a circular economy if everyone in the value chain works together," said Manfred Hackl, CEO EREMA Group GmbH, in his opening presentation.

Borealis – accelerating the transition towards a more circular future

Our industry is undergoing a revolution. We are moving together into a more circular future. Borealis is dedicated to sustainable business growth through innovation that drives the circular transformation of our industry. The K Fair 2022 theme ‘Innovate Collaborate Accelerate’ highlights the need to work ever more closely with partners around the globe to produce differentiated polyolefins-based solutions that make circular, modern life possible for society as a whole. Achieving the huge transformation from today’s linear system to the circular one of tomorrow will require innovation, collaboration, and acceleration throughout the entire value chain.

Borealis is committed to using their expertise and global reach to advance the circular economy of plastics. At the joint Pre-K 2022 kick-off on June 13, Borealis provided a preview of their integrated way of circular thinking and featured topics and activities at the K Fair 2022 in October. The preview covered new technologies and innovations including new packaging and infrastructure applications of the Bornewables™ portfolio of circular polyolefin products, manufactured with renewable feedstocks. New applications for Design for Recyclability, Re-Use, chemical recycling and advanced mechanical recycling are also on display.

“The transformation to a regenerative and circular system is an era-defining societal challenge,” states Lucrèce Foufopoulos, Executive Vice President Polyolefins, Innovation and Technology, Borealis. “We envision a future of plastics circularity and carbon neutrality, which can only be achieved by decisive and coordinated action across the value chain. We must act now for a better tomorrow. We welcome the occasion of the K Fair 2022 to demonstrate our commitment to ‘Innovate Collaborate Accelerate’ and drive the transformation of our industry.”

We invite you to ‘Innovate Collaborate Accelerate’ together with us by visiting Borealis in Hall 6 at Stand A43. With our expertise and focus on innovation, we provide our customers and value chain partners around the world with high performance solutions that make circular, modern life possible for society as a whole. Together, we can drive the transformation of our industry.

We must act now for a better tomorrow: We invite you to “Innovate Collaborate Accelerate” together with us by visiting Borealis in Hall 6 at Stand A43.

EREMA Group K 2022 preview

In Düsseldorf, the subsidiaries of the EREMA Group – which are EREMA, PURE LOOP, UMAC, 3S, KEYCYCLE and PLASMAC – will present their technological innovations, services and support together at a Group trade fair stand for the first time. Seven new recycling systems and components will be presented that enable large-scale plants with a production capacity of up to 6 t/h while setting a milestone in recyclate quality and process stability. This is made possible by technological innovations in the plasticizing unit that have been specially developed for high throughputs with low specific energy consumption, the new EREMA 406 laser filter with a 50 percent larger screening area, and new digital assistance systems that will be launched at K 2022 and made available on the BluPort® customer platform. These include, for example, the PredictOn app, which helps to anticipate and eliminate imminent malfunctions based on continuous measurement and evaluation of machine data.

New series of machines for new target groups

"CHEMAREMA is a new series we have developed for mechanical material processing as part of the chemical recycling process," says Hackl by way of introducing another EREMA innovation. Mechanical processes are often at the beginning of the process chain for chemical recycling to prepare input streams and ensure a reliable, continuous and energy-efficient flow of feed material. CHEMAREMA features extrusion technology that can be adapted to the application requirements and is designed precisely for downstream chemical processes.

For customers looking for rapidly available recycling systems for simple applications, EREMA Group subsidiary UMAC has an innovation in store for K 2022. The company, which has so far specialised in refurbishing and trading in previously owned equipment, is expanding its business area and in Düsseldorf will launch READYMAC, a standardised, prefabricated recycling solution that can be produced from stock, based on proven EREMA TVE technology.

Finally, in the inhouse recycling segment, PURE LOOP and PLASMAC will round off the wide range of machines offered by the group of companies with their product portfolio.

Live recycling and lighthouse projects at the Circonomic Center

In the outdoor area of the K show, EREMA will bring plastics recycling to life with live demonstrations in conjunction with cooperation partners. Different waste streams are processed for this purpose. The wide variety of high-quality applications for recyclate will be showcased in the "products made of recyclate" exhibition, ranging from technical components to consumer goods and food packaging.

At the EREMA Group, anticipation is already at a high level in the run up to K 2022. "The circular economy has become a mega-topic in the plastics industry, even for plastic waste, although this was unthinkable just a few years ago. This boost confirms the work we have done over the past few years. There is still a lot to do, but all the players in the value chain are now pulling in the same direction. That is something that will be seen and felt at this year's K show," says Manfred Hackl.

K 2022, 19 to 26 October 20122 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Visit Borealis in Halle 6, Stand A43,
and the EREMA Group in Hall 09, Stand 9C09, and the EREMA Circonomic Center, venue for live recycling demonstrations, in the outdoor area, Stand FG-CE03


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