Powerful performance from a new class of sustainable engineering polymer

Stelora™ is designed to elevate the performance of your existing solutions. Offering increased strength, durability and a step change in heat-resistance capability, Stelora ensures your products stand up to the most demanding applications, while enhanced efficiency supports you to meet your sustainability ambitions.

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How it works

The result of an exclusive collaboration between Borealis and TOPAS Advanced Polymers, Stelora is created using a unique process that combines cyclic olefin copolymers (COCs) with polypropylene (PP). The resulting state-of-the-art ethylene-propylene-norbornene (EPN) material solution is suitable for a wide range of technically advanced applications, and is primarily used in e-mobility and renewable energy generation.

Why Stelora?

Stelora solutions replace existing engineering polymers in a wide range of applications, offering enhanced performance in multiple categories:

  • Very high purity for exceptional performance and durability
  • A step change in heat resistance, closing the gap between conventional polymers and high-temperature plastics
  • Excellent processability using existing equipment, infrastructure and assets
  • Superior electrical properties at high temperatures
  • Increased efficiency

A circular way

Our vision is a world in which high-quality plastic products are kept in circulation in an eco-efficient way – a circular way. We’re committed to leading this change, supporting our customers to realize their sustainability ambitions by transforming the plastics life cycle.

With Stelora, we mark another step on this journey: this unique EPN solution is produced using renewable feedstock, creating value out of waste and helping to build a brighter future for our planet.

High-performance application

High-heat-resistant capacitor films

Leave temperature limitations behind

The first commercially available application of Stelora is a resin suitable for a range of high-heat-resistant capacitor films. This dielectric capacitor film offers all of the benefits of that made using PP film, but with significant performance enhancements including exceptional heat resistance, superior electrical properties at high temperatures, and increased efficiency. Stelora-based film is also fully compatible with existing converting lines, so that you can process it without needing to invest in new equipment, infrastructure or assets.

Benefits of increased heat resistance:

  • Power Generators | Reduced degradation extends the lifespan of power generators, including offshore wind installations.
  • Inverters | Less space is required for cooling, reducing the size and construction cost of inverters.
  • Electric Vehicles | Smaller and more energy-efficient final products that use transmitted energy can be produced, including electric vehicles.

EPN is produced using renewable feedstock.