BorSafe™ HE3493-LS-H

BorSafe™ HE3493-LS-H is a bimodal polyethylene compound produced by the advanced Borstar technology. The natural product is a readymade compound, including carefully selected stabilizers to ensure excellent long-term thermal stability and UV-resistance for limited outdoors storage of the final product. BorSafe HE3493-LS-H is classified as - a PE100 material with MRS > 10 MPa - a PE100-RC material following the draft EN/ISO PE pressure pipe standards as currently revised. - PE-RT Type II material where pipe pressure testing results between 20°C and 110°C are analyzed according to ISO 9080, showing conformity to the reference lines for PE-RT Type II rating. The grade is intended to be used for industrial applications.

Product specifications

Brand name
Product type
Product sub-type
Pipe, Fittings & Construction
HV/EHV Underground Cables, Non-Pressure Pipe, Pipes for Oil & Gas Industry, Pressure Pipe

General properties

Melt flow rate
0.23 g/10min (190°C/5.0kg)
949 kg/m³