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Reach your sustainability goals with Bornewables™ BH381MO for thin wall packaging

All companies engaged in plastics manufacturing have embedded sustainability as a guiding principle at all levels of operation. Our partners rely on us at Borealis to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

The introduction of the Bornewables™ is another example of the many ways in which we support our partners reach their sustainability goals. The Bornewables™ is a portfolio of circular polyolefin products, manufactured with second generation renewable feedstock, providing a sustainable solution for demanding applications across various industries.

Our first launch in the Bornewables family of products is the Bornewables BH381MO, a polypropylene solution manufactured with 30% sustainable, certified renewable feedstock (also known as bio-circular feedstock) for use in injection moulding process for thin wall packaging applications.

Our partners’ sustainability goals are now reached easier with the Bornewables™ family of products

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Bornewables BH381MO is based on the mass balance model and its main advantage is that the product properties are equal to the fossil-based product. This allows our partners to have a quick and easy transition from fossil-based polypropylene to a renewable feedstock based polypropylene. We enrich our existing PO product portfolio with a wide range of ISCC Plus (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certified polyolefins for our partners across the value chain and enable them to use ISCC Plus bio-circular certification. Customers wanting to benefit from immediate gains in their sustainability targets, can now rely upon the sustainable value throughout the entire chain of custody. More info about the mass balance and the transition to a circular economy is also available on our EverMinds™ blog.

“With the launch of Bornewables BH381MO, we enable our customers to add a renewable solution to their portfolio and to meet their sustainability goals. Bornewables BH381MO is specially developed to promote a renewable solution in the food and non-food pail market. Thinking circular today will provide us, our partners and society with a better tomorrow,” says Mari Kylmälä, Borealis Marketing Manager Consumer Products.

The introduction of the Bornewables portfolio is another example of the many ways in which we at Borealis are putting our EverMinds™ mind-set to work in developing innovative technologies and products which help accelerate the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

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