Borcycle™ C

The solution for high purity, high performance materials

Transformational technology solutions for chemical recycling that gives polyolefin-based, post-consumer waste another life; a solution creating both virgin-level grade materials and high safety and performance qualities fit for demanding applications.

Ces borcycle C

Renews Plastic Back to Plastic; Creating Recycled Materials with a Level of Purity Fit for Protective, Food-Safe and Other Demanding Applications

It’s never been a more important time to address the urgent issue of plastic waste and its impact on the planet. At Borealis, we believe that waste is just unused potential; value waiting to be reignited.

  • Chemically recycled plastic waste
    Borcycle™ C is our portfolio of transformational chemical recycling solutions, giving polyolefin-based, post-consumer waste another life. It offers all-round benefits, supercharging the transition to a circular polyolefin industry whilst creating virgin quality plastic products.
  • Food-safe and high performance
    Borcycle C renews plastic back to plastic; creating recycled materials with a level of purity fit for protective, food-safe and other demanding applications.
  • Virgin-like grade materials
    Our technologies are scalable and ever-advancing, using value chain collaboration and Borealis expertise, experience and innovative strength. Borcycle™ C is at the heart of Borealis’ drive for progress towards a circular future, captured in our EverMinds™ platform and its ambition for Accelerating Action on Circularity.
Embodied under the EverMinds™ umbrella, the Borcycle™ suite of recycling technology solutions, helps accelerate true transformation towards a circular economy.