Key figures

Key Figures

For Information: Borealis is in the process of its divesting Fertilizers, Melamine and Technical Nitrogen Products business unit (Borealis NITRO). This has resulted in the “discontinued operation” classification in the Consolidated Financial Statements. Accordingly, turnover, capital expenditure and operating expenditure, as presented in the chapter EU Taxonomy, do not include the nitrogen business unit (except Rosier as this is not part of the NITRO divestment process). All non-financial information for the reporting period 2021 includes Borealis NITRO.

Total Sales 1)

1) Total net sales of Borealis and pro-rata sales of at equity-consolidated companies.



In 2021, Borealis net debt decreased by EUR 1,611 million to EUR 223 million, driven by an extraordinary dividend payment of EUR 1,305 million from Borouge, strong operating cash flow and regular dividend payments from Borouge. This resulted in a gearing ratio of 3% at the end of 2021, compared to 29% at the end of 2020. This gearing reflects a very strong balance sheet. Borealis benefits from a well-diversified financing portfolio and a balanced maturity profile.

Total Recordable Injuries 1)

In 2021, Borealis reported a Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRI) per million working hours of 2.3. In line with its “Goal Zero” objective, Borealis continues to strive to eliminate all accidents and incidents in process and personal safety. The Borealis leadership team maintains its efforts to sharpen the focus on safety among its employees and contractors.

Definitions have been adjusted in 2021 to be aligned with OMV definitions. A comparison to previous years is therefore not possible.

1) Includes own employees and contractors // 2) Definitions have been adjusted in 2021 to be aligned with OMV definitions. A comparison to previous years is therefore not possible.

EU ETS CO2Emissions

EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) CO2 emissions: All greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) as per the European ETS expressed in CO2 equivalents (since 2009 this indicator has replaced the reporting of direct carbon dioxide emissions).

Energy Consumption

Primary energy consumption: Consumption of all energy vectors (i.e. fuels, electricity and steam). Electricity and steam are converted into primary energy with standard conversion factors of 40% (electricity) and 90% (steam).

Flaring Performance 1)

1) Environmental data might be subject to minor adjustments due to ongoing audits and missing third-party data at the time of closing of this report. // 2) Severe upsets led to significant emergency flaring during shutdowns; furthermore, there was a lack of recycling capacity.

More detailed information is available in our Digital Annual Report 2021.

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