Only Representative

According to REACH, substances as such, in mixtures and in some cases in articles need to be registered or authorised by the importer prior to being placed on the market in the European Union (EU). A non-EU based manufacturer is not allowed to register a substance by himself but needs to appoint a so called “Only Representative” (OR). The OR is an entity within the EU that has the role and responsibility to fulfil the REACH obligations as an importer. By appointing an OR, the non-EU manufacturer relieves the EU importer of his registration obligations for substances covered by the OR. The EU importers are then regarded as downstream users only, within the REACH regulation.

Borealis acting as Only Representative

Borealis AG has been appointed to act as Only Representative (OR) for certain substances manufactured by Borealis Compounds Inc., USA (Borealis Rockport) and Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Ltd. (Borouge). Indirect imports of such substances by non-EU customers of Borealis Rockport and Borouge into the EU are only covered if specifically requested by the customer and accepted by Borealis Rockport or Borouge. Only after your imports have been accepted and you agree with the terms and conditions in the “OR acceptance letter” sent to you by the OR, will your imported volumes be covered by Borealis AG’s registration(s).

Only Representative acting for non-EU based suppliers

According to REACH, non-EU-based suppliers of material to Borealis are asked to appoint an “Only Representative” to handle the registration of their substances and other OR obligations in order to ensure that their raw materials can enter in to the EU according to REACH requirements. Respective information shall be communicated to Borealis accordingly.

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