Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer Technology

What is Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer Technology?

Based on the Borealis proprietary Borstar® technology, Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer Technology for polyethylene offers exceptional flexibility in polymer design by combining smart catalyst design with a superior, two-reactor system process with two comonomers.

Three main features give the Borstar Bimodal Terpolymer Technology the competitive edge:

  • Bimodality in molecular weight
  • Bimodality in density
  • Tailored comonomer incorporation

Scope of Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer Technology

This technology produces unique polyethylene resins with superior processability. This property is enhanced by other high performance-related attributes like flexibility, stiffness, toughness, purity, outstanding sealability, and appealing optics, which open up a wide range of high performance, cost-effective and more sustainable solutions.

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