Borealis' IR Approach

Borealis investor relations is founded on strong relationships with its banks and investors

The foundation of the Borealis funding model has always centred on its strong and long term relationships with its banks and investors. Today Borealis has a group of around 20 core banks and a number of strong relationships with speciality finance institutions. With the growing global activities and development of the new businesses, Borealis' funding needs grew with it. Since 2008 Borealis has furthermore very actively embarked on a diversification strategy opening up besides others the debt capital markets.

As a result, Borealis has developed a diversified investor base in the form of its bond, private placement and Schuldschein investors. Moreover, Borealis regularly participates at investor forums, industry conferences and leads the discussion with the financial press.

Borealis investor relations activities

  • Publication of results: twice a year, at full and half year
  • Regulatory publication requirements with respect to the VSE, FMA and OeKB
  • Corporate presentations and roadshows for individual investors
  • Investor requests for information
  • Organisation of the group’s Bankers and Investors Day
  • Distribution of related printed materials, annual reports, compliance procedures and fact books
  • Corporate investor relations website
Investor Contacts
Elisabeth Schopf
Group Funding Manager
Jan-Martin Nufer
Vice President Treasury & Funding
+43 1 22 400 320