Managing quality: The Borealis Quality Policy

Borealis' commitment to quality is laid down in its quality policy, which is company-wide embedded in our activities. The Policy is based on the following principles:

  • Quality and customer satisfaction are the responsibility of all employees.
  • We achieve customer satisfaction through efficient business and manufacturing processes, managed and executed by competent people with the right attitude and behaviour promoting our zero defects mind-set.
  • We improve continuously and seek nimble solutions in order to fulfil the customer’s today and future needs.
  • Whenever we fail to satisfy customer expectations, we do our utmost to recover customer confidence and to avoid that the problem occurs again.

To achieve our Quality principles, the following has been put in place:

  • A well-established integrated management system for quality, health, safety, environment and energy. The compliance of this management system is monitored by performance indicators and regularly reviewed through internal audits and management system reviews with top management involvement. Compliance is certified externally via the relevant ISO standard certifications (see section below).
  • A company-wide system and process for continuous improvement to drive learning and best practice sharing beyond the commonplace standards.
  • Customer satisfaction is monitored regularly via customer surveys and supported by an integrated complaint management system.

If you would like to know more about quality management in Borealis, please have a look into the “Answers to customers inquiries” section.


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