Blisters for Pills and Tablets

A sustainable alternative to conventional PVC packaging

Found in every household, blisters provide a safe and convenient way to store individual pills and tablets. With the increase in environmental awareness, there is growing consumer demand for sustainable blister packaging solutions that can be recycled as easily as everyday domestic waste.

For over 20 years, our Bormed™ polypropylene medical-grade blister packaging has met this demand. A recyclable alternative to standard polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-aluminium blisters, it maintains the same exceptional standards of integrity, drug safety and shelf life, supporting you to meet consumer demand for sustainable products without compromising performance.

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Benefits of Our Polyolefin Materials

  • Unparalleled service: We offer specialized project support from start to finish, including one-to-one expert consultation and unrivaled access to data that goes beyond product data sheet.
  • Perfect conformance: Bormed supports you to conform and adapt to current and future regulatory requirements around the world, enabling significant cost savings over a project’s lifetime.
  • Long-term commitment: We are committed to our grades as they are, but in the event of a change we will provide up to five years' availability, giving you the certainty you need to focus on your long-term success.
  • Enhanced sustainability: Designed for recycling and available with circular content from the Bornewables™ and Borcycle™ portfolios, materials in this range can support you to meet your sustainability goals.

Your Sustainable Solutions

The Bornewables™ and Borcycle™ are two of our newest portfolios. The Bornewables offers circular Bormed polyolefins produced with renewable feedstock derived entirely from waste and residue streams and with a reduced carbon footprint, while the Borcycle C line of Bormed uses chemical recycling to renew plastic back to plastic, giving polyolefin-based, post-consumer waste another life. Offering the same material performance and regulatory compliance as virgin Bormed medical grades, these transformative solutions have been created with our planet in mind.

Meet your sustainability targets with ISCC Plus-certified polyolefins produced from renewable or chemically recycled feedstock.


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