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Unique BorSafe™ PE materials ensure exceptional durability of drinking water pipe networks

Unlike traditional materials such as copper or concrete, polyethylene (PE) does not corrode. It is longer lasting, easier to install using all pipe installation methods, and it has the lowest failure rate of current alternatives.

Our partners benefit from a broad range of BorSafe™ PE grades, including PE80 and PE100, satisfying the needs of complete pipe networks, from distribution mains to household connections. Our PE solutions have been developed and expanded continuously over the past 50 years by way of intensive research and field experience, incorporating feedback from pipe producers, installers, network managers and distributors.

The main benefits of the BorSafe™ grades used for a production of drinking water pipes are:

  • Easy processing properties that yield outstanding extrudability
  • Excellent low sag behaviour
  • Superior resistance to slow crack growth

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