Dashboard Carriers

Robust and durable materials for car interiors that are built to last

Dashboard carriers serve as the structural backbone for key interior features in a vehicle, including the instrument panel, air vents, and audio systems. Our specialized polyolefin materials deliver unmatched mechanical and thermal performance, making them the ideal solution for robust and durable dashboard carriers.

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Benefits of Our Polyolefin Materials

  • Improved structural integrity: Offering a high strength-to-weight ratio, these materials are an ideal choice for dashboard carriers that need to be lightweight yet strong and durable.
  • Lightweight: Materials that reduce the overall weight of the car, improving fuel efficiency in conventional cars and increasing the range of electric vehicles.
  • Design freedom and purity: Suitable for molding into complex shapes and for special processes like foam injection molding, our structural interior materials also meet stringent OEM standards concerning volatiles, fogging and odor.

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