Soft Polypropylene

Effectively tailoring the flexibility of TPO, aimed at roofing, waterproofing and automotive membranes

Polypropylenes (PP) can be divided into Homo Polymer PP (only propylene is polymerized), Block or heterophasic copolymers (propylene and some Ethylene is polymerized in separated phases leading to improved impact performance), Random PP (propylene and some Ethylene is polymerized in one phase leading to improved optical performance) and Random heterophasic PP (a combination of random and heterophasic PP). The latter can be produced as flexible product with low Flex-modulus while retaining high thermal stability.

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Until now, there have been few suppliers of the lowest Flex-Modulus Heterophasic PP’s (Soft PP). This sort of flexible material is used in a large variety of applications among which; TPO compounds for flexible membranes for Single ply Roofing or automotive applications. In these applications, the softness of the PP needs to be adapted to a level suitable for the applications. Typically, much softer Polymer Modifiers like PolyOlefin Plastomer & Elastomers are blended to achieve the required level of softness for these applications. The stiffer the original PP the more Polymer Modifier needs to be used.

Our range of soft Random heterophasic PP from Borealis, help you solve your issues. Our new SB330CF with a Flex Modulus of 330 MPa, it has the softness and flexibility required for TPO production, and needs les polymer modifier to reach Flex-Modulus values required for flexible membranes. Our soft PP’s and in particular SB330CF is an excellent starting material for TPO compounds aimed at Single Ply Roofing and Automotive flexible membranes, enabling customers to conduct their own mixing and create their own recipes.


  • Allows benchmark TPO production in automotive and construction industries.
  • Provides customers with an alternative option when sourcing soft PP.
  • Outstanding low temperature impact combined with high heat resistance/high melting point.
  • A broad portfolio of Random Heterophasic PP’s ranging from Flex-Modulus 500 to 330 MPa and MFR from 0,8 to 7 g/10min (230°C/2,16 kg).
  • Excellent starting resins for flexible TPO’s for flexible membranes.

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