Innovation Center

Porvoo, Finland

Innovation Center Finland

Keskuskonttori Muovintie 19 06850 Kulloo Finland

At the Porvoo Innovation Center, located in the biggest Nordic petrochemicals industrial park in Porvoo, Finland, the core innovative competencies are catalyst and process research and development. Porvoo is home to the Borstar® technology development, encompassing both the polyolefin process and catalysts.

Onsite, the Polyolefin Process Development group is in charge of leading the technology development of Borealis’ proprietary technologies. This team provides expert support for versatile process-related topics and contributes to IPR activities related to Borealis’ process technologies.

Fundamental catalyst development is conducted in the well-equipped Aurora laboratory, whilst scale-up of catalysts to commercial trials is performed in the catalyst research pilot plant. Process, catalyst and Borstar product designs are tested and scaled-up in the Borstar pilot plant, which consists of two lines, one for polyethylene and one for polypropylene.

The Porvoo Innovation Center supports investment projects for Borstar technology and catalyst process development. Customer technical support is focused on extrusion coating and packaging applications with some customer support on Pipe and Energy business for local and Nordic customers.