January 07, 2022

Launch of White, high gloss recycled material for Appliances

Request your Borcycle™ UF582SA-90 Sample

Request your Borcycle™ UF582SA-90 Sample

A white, high gloss, 55% post-consumer recycled content Polypropylene (rPP) grade for household appliances. Get a free sample now!

Borealis’ advanced mechanical recycling technology, Borcycle™ M assures high-quality recycled grades that can be light-coloured and still overcome impurities and odour challenges. This grade has high heat resistance, high flow, antistatic performance, and other properties similar to our virgin grade HF700SA.

The material was developed especially for household applications, home and small consumer appliances as well as other electronics, not requiring food or drinking water approval. The material is intended for injection moulding.

It is difficult to find a high-gloss white polymer with over 50% recycled content. This high-gloss white grade achieves good mechanical properties while maintaining purity and quality aesthetics.

Want to know what does the material feel like when moulded?

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