December 14, 2022

The Design for Recycling challenge in Healthcare


Some healthcare applications today already follow the principles of Design for recycling and incorporate mono material solutions such as 100% PE infusion bottles or bottles for irrigation solutions. Interestingly, the large majority of waste produced by the healthcare sector (approximately 85%) is actually non-hazardous and similar to post-consumer waste i.e. much of it can be recycled.1 However, recycling hospital waste, even if not hazardous or contaminated, poses a separate challenge to hospital staff in terms of collecting and sorting such waste.


Consumer health is the segment where increased awareness for environmentally sustainable solutions is more pressing. Particularly in oral solid dosage products, consumers tend to regard such packaging like any other and require similar recycling solutions. Blister packaging is omnipresent in every single household and it became the priority for many pharmaceutical companies to replace commonly used PVC/Al structures by recyclable ones.


For more than 20 years, Borealis offers a Bormed™ PP medical grade as an alternative route for blisters - designed for recycling - while keeping the packaging integrity, drug safety and shelf life intact.

Would you like to learn more about PVC-free blister packaging by using Bormed DM55pharm?

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1Healthcare Without Harm. Sustainable healthcare waste management in the EU Circular Economy model; 2020