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Brighten up your life: polypropylene solutions for high gloss appliances

Studies have shown that when purchasing appliances, end consumers seek functionality first – and pleasing aesthetics second. Borealis material solutions help achieve both: all-in-one functionality and high-gloss surface appeal. What is more, our solutions can help lower energy consumption during production, and minimise use of valuable resources, especially when compared to other conventional solutions (see Figure 1).

By providing greater design freedom, Borealis makes it possible for our customers to innovate, optimise processes, enhance end-use performance, and deliver pleasing aesthetics. For example, the following Borealis grades offer an excellent gloss level:

  • HB601WG: a homopolymer with excellent detergent resistance and long-term thermal stability
  • HF700SA: a high-flow homopolymer with high heat stabilisation and good antistatic performance
  • BG055AI: a polypropylene micro-composite with good flowability and scratch resistance

For more information, please check our new brochure “Brighten up your life – Polypropylene solutions for high gloss appliances”

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