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New UL 94 listings for Borealis Appliances grades

An established portfolio of UL-certified grades is a prerequisite to doing business with appliance manufacturers and brand owners. One particularly important certification is UL 94, sometimes called the Standard Flammability of Plastic Materials Parts. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) uses this standard to categorize plastics according to the material’s propensity to either extinguish, or spread, once a flame has been ignited, and whether the material exhibits resistance to ignition in the first place.

At Borealis, we regularly review our portfolio to ensure that we can always fulfil the needs and demands of our customers. We are pleased to report that we have now received Yellow Cards for two additional grades, HB601WG and Fibremod™ GB307HP. A globally recognized guarantee of safety and quality, the Yellow Card records various safety and performance-related properties for a given polymeric material that has been tested to relevant UL standards, such as for ignition and burning characteristics.


Now newly certified at the 120°C relative thermal index (RTI), HB601WG was developed specifically for applications such as small appliances, dishwasher components, and washing machine parts, this grade is a high-heat stabilised, detergent-resistant homopolymer used in injection moulding. Having been UL 94 listed for many years, HB601WG recently completed a long-term thermal ageing programme at UL. It has now achieved the 120°C RTI certification necessary to weather the higher temperature requirements in modern dishwashers.

Fibremod™ GB307HP

Now newly certified according to UL 94, Fibremod GB307HP is a high-heat stabilised, 35% short glass fibre-reinforced grade. It is the ideal replacement solution for stainless steel and polyamide parts. Please consult our Fibremod brochure for more information on our innovative portfolio of Fibremod grades offering optimised performance and improved surface aesthetics.

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