Success in today's flexible packaging industry lies in innovation. Front runners in the market must continuously innovate and explore new opportunities to remain at the top of their industry and bring value to their end customers whilst providing safe and pure products. Some of today's major challenges can be solved with extrusion lamination. In this instance, Borealis is the perfect partner – knowledgeable, trustworthy and innovative.


Reliable supply and lasting partnerships for long-term gains

As a reliable partner providing high quality materials with ensured quality consistency, we help our customers grow in their current markets and enter into new markets. Our successful customer collaborations have yielded such innovations as our recently launched CT7200 – a LDPE homopolymer produced with high pressure tubular technology. Our speciality coating grades enable our customers to gain in the long-term by achieving technical excellence, e.g. improved functionality and sterilisation options. At the same time, improving sustainability is essential in order to offer more environmentally-friendly options for board and paper coatings.

An innovative partner with development capabilities

At Borealis, we provide speciality products that allow our customers to focus on differentiating themselves from their competitors and/or other materials. New ideas and novel applications are essential to remain an industry leader and game changer as is the growing requirement for sustainable packaging. We are a partner that recognises the huge impact of social responsibility. Our aim is to provide the safest, most economic and user friendly packaging for food and beverages.

Trust in knowledge

We have been proactive for over 50 years in the advanced packaging and fibre industry including introducing the first pilot line in all of Europe. We are able to offer the superior technical expertise to support our customers with new products and ideas for applications. Not only do we provide product reliability and performance along the entire value chain, but we offer it around the world. Our broad product range of low and high density polypropylene products provides the opportunity to tailor-make customer solutions on our pilot line thereby providing answers to problems such as the need for heat, abrasion and grease resistance, in addition to the need for increased barrier properties and improving processability and/or heat sealing.

Reliable supply of high-quality application solutions

We have been a leading supplier of superior polyolefin plastics for advanced packaging and fibre solutions for over 50 years. With our knowledge and pilot line, we enable our customers to immediately put a proven and tested concept on their lines - a concept that has been optimised to meet the specific needs and the specific line of the customer at hand. We ensure that our product, which fulfils all relevant food, chemical and/or regulatory requirements, is the very best for each individual customer so they succeed in their target market with the right solution at the right time.

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