Borealis Borlink™ is the innovation powering the green energy transformation in Germany and beyond

A global consensus is building that the future of energy is green. For green energy to be viable on a large scale, it must be harvested efficiently – and the world needs the right technology to do so.

That technology is Borlink™, Borealis’s high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology, that has been chosen as an integral link in one of Europe’s most important renewable energy infrastructure projects to date, the “German Corridors”.

The Borlink™ HVDC step-change innovation enables the use of extruded cable technology at significantly higher voltage and transmission levels than ever before. It unleashes the full potential of renewables by allowing the widespread and more efficient underground transmission of renewable energy over long distances.

The German Corridors

As Germany shifts its electricity generation to renewable energy sources, it must overhaul and expand its electrical grids in order to ensure high supply security. The German Corridors are the key components in enabling this switch.

The German Corridors are a series of underground electricity transmission lines which will carry power from renewable sources, such as offshore wind farms, over hundreds of kilometres. The innovative Borlink™ technology is what makes it possible to reliably transport these large amounts of green energy over vast distances with only minimal losses.

Once completed, the German Corridors will have the capacity to transport 8 gigawatts (GW) of green energy from the north to the south of Germany. This is roughly equivalent to the annual amount of electricity consumed in all of Austria.

Insulated cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) underground cables made with an HVDC cable compound based on Borlink™ technology and at a voltage level of 525 kV will be used in the “SuedLink” and “SuedOstLink” portions of the German Corridors. The SuedLink has two power cable systems, each with 2 GW, and a cable length of over 2500 km. The northern stretch of the SuedOstLink corridor has one 2 GW circuit and approximately 500 km of cable.

Borealis has a strong track record in providing insulation systems for green energy infrastructure projects

Borealis has a strong track record in providing insulation systems for green energy infrastructure projects, including offshore ventures in the North Sea with over 8,000 cable kilometres based on Borlink™ HVDC XLPE technology.

Borlink™ is being used in the majority of the overall German Corridors. It is thus making a vital contribution to the energy transformation in Germany – and beyond. Borealis is harnessing its profound technological expertise and years of experience in the energy sector to accelerate the pace of the global energy transformation. This is how we are re-inventing for more sustainable living.

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