Olefins and Co-products

Borealis can supply a broad range of innovative and high-quality base chemicals

  • Ethylene, propylene and C4 base chemicals are produced in steam crackers in Finland and Sweden, and in Abu Dhabi, as part of the Borouge joint venture. An ethane cracker with an annual production capacity of one million tons of ethylene commenced operations in 2022 as part of the Baystar joint venture in Texas (US). Propylene and hydrogen are also produced at Borealis’ propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant in Kallo (Belgium). A second PDH plant currently under construction will triple Kallo’s propylene capacity once started up.
  • For the most part, ethylene is captively used for Borealis’ polyethylene applications. It is also sold to customers in the acetaldehyde and in the vinyl acetate monomer value chains.
  • Propylene is captively used for Borealis’ polypropylene applications and is also sold to customers across several value chains, including the acrylonitrile (for ABS, nitrile rubber and plastics); acrylic acid (for superabsorbent fibers such as diapers); butyraldehyde (for solvents, plasticizers, acrylic esters); and propylene oxide (for polyols, polyurethane and polyester resins).

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