Base chemicals

As the building blocks of the chemical industry, base chemicals are used to manufacture the essential products and applications used by industry and consumers in daily life. Base chemicals are used in diverse sectors, including aviation, mobility, renewable energy, consumer appliances, advanced packaging, healthcare, and many others.

Borealis produces a wide range of these base chemicals, including ethylene, propylene, C4 hydrocarbons, hydrogen, phenol, and acetone. Its Borvida™ portfolio of sustainable base chemicals produced using non-food waste and residues from biomass and chemically-recycled waste enhance the circularity of these essential building blocks. Together with OMV, Borealis is one of the largest olefins producers in Europe. Thanks to its joint ventures with Borouge (UAE) and Baystar (US), Borealis is a sizeable international player in the industry.

As a reliable and experienced supplier, we can ensure targeted and timely delivery of high-quality base chemicals to our polyolefins plants, international partners and customers. Thanks to our flexible production capacity, we can react quickly to changing market conditions. Our well-developed logistics supply chain means that we can provide base chemicals by way of pipeline, rail car and sea-going vessel.

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The Borealis Base Chemicals business is tasked with sourcing renewable power, natural gas, and main utilities (e.g., steam, water, and nitrogen) for all its Base Chemicals and Polyolefins production locations in Europe. This integral function plays an important role in enabling Borealis to lower its own emissions and achieve its ambitious sustainability targets.


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