Feeding a brighter future through circular base chemicals

The need to tackle the climate crisis is urgent. Linear production based on a ‘make-consume-dispose’ model is part of the problem. That’s why we need to find new, more circular, ways to produce the things our society relies on, starting now.

The Borvida Portfolio

Borvida™, a portfolio of circular base chemicals, is one of the ways Borealis is helping to reinvent essentials for more sustainable living. So that we can all continue to enjoy the many benefits of polymers, at minimal cost to the planet. Feeding a brighter future for everyone.

Borvida B, from non-food waste biomass, and Borvida C, from chemically-recycled waste are the first products in the portfolio. In the future, it will be expanded to include Borvida A, from atmospheric carbon capture.

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Borvida A (in development) - feeding a brighter future through innovative sustainable hydrocarbons, derived from atmospheric carbon capture.

ISCC Plus certified circular base chemicals, such as Borvida™ A ethylene, Borvida™ A propylene and Borvida™ A phenol.

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Borvida B - feeding a brighter future through circular hydrocarbons, derived from renewable biomass sources.

ISCC Plus certified circular base chemicals, such as Borvida™ B ethylene, Borvida™ B propylene and Borvida™ B phenol.

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Borvida C - feeding a brighter future through circular hydrocarbons, derived from chemically-recycled post-consumer waste.

ISCC Plus certified circular base chemicals, such as Borvida™ C ethylene, Borvida™ C propylene and Borvida™ C phenol.

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Borvida is our portfolio of circular hydrocarbons, feeding a brighter future through non-fossil based feedstocks

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How It Works

Base chemicals, or cracker products, including ethylene, propylene, butene and phenol, are the building blocks of the chemical industry. Traditionally, these have been made using fossil-based feedstock, but it’s also possible to make them using sustainable raw materials.

Producing base chemicals from non-virgin sources in this way drastically reduces the environmental footprint of the products that our society relies on through increasing circularity and reducing CO2 emissions.

  • The portfolio will form the basis for a wide range of different polymer and chemical products including several beyond plastics including coatings, plasticizers, adhesives, automotive, electronics, lubricants, detergents, appliances and sports equipment.

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  • Borvida is led by a principle called Mass Balance, which enables sustainable content to be tracked, traced, and verified through the entire value chain, from feedstock to end product. The entire process is certified by ISCC Plus, giving our customers and the public confidence in the integrity of Borvida’s sustainability assurances.

    Using Mass Balance, we can take action on increasing circularity now. Through offering sustainable base chemicals in a scalable, cost-effective and environmentally-conscious way, Borvida offers our customers a credible way of demonstrating their commitment to protecting our planet, as well as to stay ahead of legislative changes.

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We created Everminds™ to help mobilise our business and value chain partners too. It’s a platform to accelerate action on circularity for plastic, to help inspire and create more impact for circular solutions. It’s an invitation to others to join us in our circular mindset and go forward together.

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