Design for Recycling

When linear is limiting, think circular

Presenting our new range of monomaterial pouches developed in value chain collaboration, and designed for recyclability.

  • #1 - Excellent Protection for High Loads and Hot-Filled Products

    This monomaterial solution is ideal if high mechanical performance and temperature resistance are the key package performance criteria.

    Developed in co-operation with Reifenhauser and GEA Food Solutions, this monomaterial, laminate-based film is made of blown Borealis PP SA233CF. As a full PP Laminate, it consists of 20µm reverse printed BOPP laminated onto 60µm PP blown film.

    The pouch exhibits very good toughness, excellent machinability on the packaging line, and ample shelf appeal. Excellent pack integrity can be obtained when using TD315BF with Queo™ in the sealing layer.

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  • #2 - Ensuring Long Shelf Life and High Temperature Resistance

    Developed in collaboration with W&H, AMAT and GEA Food Solutions, this monomaterial, cast PP laminate is the ideal solution for the most demanding food packaging applications.

    Based on Borealis RD208CF and BD212CF to ensure excellent mechanical performance, it is made using 20µm reverse printed BOPP, and laminated onto 60µm cast PP grade. It boasts high barrier properties achieved through the combination of EVOH (<5%) and oxide coating (SiOx, AlOx).

    Vacuum metallization enables this Full PP solution to provide long shelf life for food. Using TD315BF together with Queo™ assures excellent pack integrity and very good machinability on the packaging line.

    Full pp laminate with high barrier properties 2022 02 02 122838 ipfk
  • #3 - Improved Machinability and Broad Sealing Window

    When recyclability and sustainability matter, the Full Borealis PE Laminate delivers 100% thanks to the outstanding qualities of Borealis PE.

    Developed in co-operation with Alpine and GEA Food Solutions, this monomaterial PE pouch is made of 25µm MDO film laminated onto 60µm PE blown film. It fulfils the most demanding requirements made on OPET/PE laminated, stand-up pouches, and is ideally suited for food packaging.

    The use of BorShape™ in MDO in tandem with Borealis HDPE yields an excellent stiffness/toughness balance, good printability (flexo, roto) and very pleasing optics. Using BorShape™, Anteo™ and Queo™ in pouch production offers very good machinability and ensures excellent pack integrity.

    Full pe laminate 2022 02 02 122854 fqfs
  • #4 - Optimizes Resource Efficiency and Lowers CO₂ Emissions

    This stand-up Full PE Laminate 2.0 pouch takes non-food-contact flexible packaging to the next level of sustainability by incorporating more than 35% Ecoplast PCR r-LDPE.

    Developed in tandem with Alpine and GEA Food Solutions, the pouch is made using 25µm MDO film laminated onto 60µm PE blown film containing 50% Ecoplast r-LDPE. This solution offers proven excellent printability and machinability on pouch-making equipment.

    The unique properties of BorShape™ make it possible to incorporate higher levels of r-LDPE while maintaining good packaging performance. Using Anteo™ and Queo™ allows for very good sealing performance, which in turn translates into excellent pack integrity.

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