The new CO2e emissions calculation tool from Borealis

Borealis recently launched Neoni, a tool providing the partial carbon footprint according to grade.

  • Neoni offers cradle-to-gate CO2e* emissions data for commercially available Polyolefins as well as Hydrocarbon and Energy products manufactured at Borealis locations in Europe. It includes virgin polyolefins, renewably-sourced polyolefins in our Bornewables™ portfolio, and products in the Borcycle™ M portfolio of mechanically recycled polyolefins.

    Neoni helps Borealis customers calculate the carbon footprint of their own individual products, or for the company as a whole. It enables them to differentiate among the available options Borealis has to offer in order to make informed decisions when it comes to CO2 emissions reduction. Choosing the right polymers-based material solution is an essential step in achieving ambitious sustainability goals.

    Neoni data are accessible exclusively to registered users of MyBorealis, our interactive online customer portal. MyBorealis bundles information, product documentation, and order and complaint management in one convenient place.

    If you are a customer and interested in learning more about Neoni and MyBorealis, please contact your Borealis sales manager or technical service representative to learn more.

    Borealis Neoni tablet results c Borealis

*Borealis employs the definition of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e, sometimes referred to as CO2-eq) offered by Eurostat, namely “a metric measure used to compare the emissions from various greenhouse gases on the basis of their global-warming potential (GWP), by converting amounts of other gases to the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide with the same global warming potential.”