The start of never-ending value for plastics

It’s time for radical change, for the planet and all life within it. It’s time for ending waste and doing things in a smarter way. Whilst plastic comes with many benefits we’ve enjoyed for years, we now need to ensure that waste isn’t part of its story.

That’s why at Borealis, we’re reinventing for more sustainable living, through a future-positive revolution for plastics. Circular change starts with reduction and reuse, before recovery and recycling close the loop.

So we commit to progress through Reuse.

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How We Do It

Reuse means the valuable materials we create keep their value across many lifetimes. Products designed for perfect performance, again and again, until recycling brings their value back into play once more. And repeat.

Reuse systems mean vastly lowering the environmental footprint of plastic materials.

Digitization adds value, allowing performance measurement through traceability and transparency throughout the system.

As a polymer producer, we believe plastic is part of the Circular Economy solution and are reinventing it through smart, scalable solutions.

  • Our strength is in optimizing materials for each application. The right quality, durability and functionality.
  • Our teams' capability and ambition is to design reuse systems that work efficiently, lifetime after lifetime.
  • We’re experts in the complementary recycling technologies that close the loop, demonstrated in our circular cascade model.
  • So our opportunity and our responsibility is owning the materials we create and ensuring their value is never lost, only benefitted from, again. And again.

Action Matters

You can see our reuse commitment at play today in projects like Kamupak in Finland. Our involvement in the Quppa system in Belgium shows how our in-house Digital Studio can build bespoke solutions that support the development and scaling of reuse systems.


Kamupak offers a circular takeaway solution for grocery stores and restaurants. Borealis has partnered with Kamupak and delivered reusable and traceable food containers for its takeaway services hence driving and promoting sustainable solutions in the Finnish market.

Learn more about Kamupak
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Quppa is a Belgian start-up developing a smart and reusable coffee cup system. Borealis has teamed with this university spin-off and delivered cups and software to manage the service and engage with customers.

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Be Part of the Change with Everminds™

In line with our EverMinds platform, aiming to accelerate circular progress for plastic, we invite others to join us in collaboration. Let’s create new value that keeps giving back, and create circular progress together.

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