Boasting superior dielectric properties

To meet the increasing demands of environmental and safety regulations, our partners benefit from a unique halogen-free flame-retardant system in the form of Casico™ jackets. Not only are they around 20% lighter than alternative plastics, this product also exhibits reduced heat release and smoke generation, meaning no corrosive gas emissions are produced, which in turn reduces secondary fire damage to equipment and installations. Furthermore, cross-linked Visico™/Casico™ compounds offer a downsizing potential of up to 40% and are a cost-effective insulation compared to PVC.

Always looking to support our customers’ needs, as well as considering the safety element we’ve been mindful of production performance, and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables can be produced on most PVC and PE extrusion equipment. Using less material with a lower weight than alternative plastics, our LSZH system also respects the environment without compromising on performance.

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