Cost-effective, halogen-free polyethylene for low voltage cables

Visico™ is a natural, halogen-free polyethylene, designed for use in low and medium voltage cabling. It is reactor-made, ensuring high and extremely consistent quality, and it also offers unmatched scorch performance, enabling production runs of up to one month without the need for extruder cleaning.

We offer Visico in combination with Ambicat™ and Casico™. Ambicat is an environmentally friendly catalyst that cross-links with Visico to form state-of-the-art moisture-cured polyethylene insulation, which offers higher productivity and output than commonly used alternatives. Visico/Ambicat is suitable for use in power transmission and distribution cables, as well as wires and cables for industries and buildings.

Casico is our low smoke and zero halogen solution for flame retardant cable insulation and jacketing. Visico/Casico jacketing offers up to 40% downgauging potential, providing a cost-effective insulation alternative to polyvinyl chloride.

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