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Productivity and efficiency of networks in a sustainable way

The ongoing development of power distribution networks is essential. The growing population, a rising number of vehicles on the road, ecological concern lead to the higher number of plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. And of all of this will substantially grow over the coming years, increasing the need for fast and smart charging stations requiring investment into researching and developing new power distribution infrastructures.

Keeping up with the needs of power distributors is a huge challenge for Medium Voltage (MV) cable makers as they need to be able to raise production levels in a cost-effective way without compromising cable quality or long-term reliability, whilst continuing to meet sustainability requirements. High productivity Borlink™ XLPE insulation enables increased productivity at low cost, whilst sustainably improving production flexibility.

In order to avoid electricity breakdowns and manage a secure supply during peak consumption hours, Low Voltage (LV) cables insulated with XLPE can be used to ensure uninterrupted delivery for decades. With unique features, XLPE insulated cables provide advantages for the whole electricity distribution value chain. Utilities can expect to benefit from capacity increases of up to 10% more than if using PVC, and there are less electricity losses as well as better corrosion protection, particularly in wet environments.

Are PP TPE cables more recyclable than XLPE?

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Wet design inter-array cables as key enablers for offshore wind growth

Wet designs are state-of-the-art streamlined cable designs. They allow the elimination or simplification of the metallic water barrier screen, which is a key negative contributor to cable production costs. Discover more.