The Bormed™ Concept

– Because we care.

With over 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Borealis Bormed™ is founded on the principles of service, commitment and conformance.

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Get specialised project support from start to finish, including one-to-one expert consultation and unrivalled access to data that goes beyond product data sheet. By providing global support and thorough market understanding, we help you answer any challenge.

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Address your sustainability challenges and work towards long term success, with our grades remaining unchanged. While we are committed to the grades as they are, if they require changing, we will provide up to five years´ availability.

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Conform and adapt to current and future regulatory requirements around the world with Bormed. This safeguards your investment and enables significant cost savings over a project’s lifetime, offering you independent pharmacopeia and ISO10993 analysis reports, and extractable testing data.

  • The Bormed Concept delivers

    • Consistency of product recipe via rigorous change control procedure
    • Bormed Directive: Operating instructions for the development, production, storage and delivery to the end customer of Bormed
    • Continuity of supply to mitigate the risk of a change during your product life cycle: In case of change, product made available up to 5 years (2 years pre-notification and a last call volume combined with 3-year shelf life)
    • Pharmacopeia compliance: Regular external testing of Ph. Eur., USP and ISO 10993 – analysis reports can be shared upon request; US DMF listing; following VDI 2017 guideline on “Medical Grade Plastics”
    • Externally tested extractable profiles that can be shared upon request (under NDA) and can support your E&L testing programme • Specific technical support given during the project development phase
    • Moldflow data and other rheological characteristics
    • Globally active dedicated team of experienced technical and regulatory specialists
    • Bormed InCompounds: For tailor-made, customised solutions by partnering with trusted and recognised healthcare compounders (at present Avient, MELITEK, MOCOM and Wittenburg Group)