Borcycle™ AH1040MO-90

Borcycle AH1040MO-90 is a recycled PP solution with post-consumer recyclate (PCR) content above 98%. It is made from post-consumer plastic waste which is pre-sorted, sorted, shredded, washed, dried, extruded (including melt filtration, at a level of 110 microns) and pelletized, resulting in a circular polypropylene grade with minimum PP content above 95% (measured via DSC). The material is sold in pellet form. AH1040MO-90 is intended for injection moulding. “-90” refers to the colour version of the product, a visual indication of “white”. Due to the nature of recyclates, some variation in colour can be observed between batches. The product is not intended for use in beverages, drinking water contact, food contact, medical, pharmaceutical or healthcare applications. AH1040MO is part of EuCertPlast according to European Standard EN15343:2007, and compliant with EN 15345:2008 and UNI 10667-3.

Product specifications

Brand name
Product type
Polypropylene, Recyclates
Product sub-type
Recycled PP
Rigid Packaging
Caps & Closures, Rigid Industrial Packaging

General properties

Melt flow rate
40 g/10min (230°C/2.16kg)
905 kg/m³