Visico™ LE4415 / Ambicat™ LE4476

Visico™ LE4415 / Ambicat™ LE4476 is a silane crosslinkable natural compound system designed for insulation of flexible low voltage energy cables. Visico LE4415 is a low-density terpolymer comprised of polyethylene, vinyl silane and a further co-monomer defining the flexibility of the polymer.Ambicat LE4476 is an ambient crosslinking catalyst masterbatch specially designed to be used with Visico base resins. The system is highly active and crosslinks quickly at ambient conditions, in sauna or in hot water.Cable insulation with a proper mixture of Visico LE4415 (95 parts) and Ambicat LE4476 (5 parts) exhibits excellent thermo-oxidative stability. The combination is suitable for both copper and aluminum conductors.

Product specifications

Brand name
Product type
Polypropylene & Polyethylene Compounds, Polyethylene
Product sub-type
W&C Compounds
Low Voltage Cables

General properties

Melt flow rate
4.5 min (190°C/2.16kg)
940 kg/m³