People Reward

Personal development, fantastic opportunities, interesting projects, research, training, mobility... the possibilities are what you make them.

What makes Borealis more rewarding?

Our people are curious, open-minded and eager to explore new opportunities. That is why everyone has the freedom to take their work in many directions. Whether you want to boost your expertise with specialist training, dedicate yourself to a particular project or adapt your career to suit your changing life, we can make it possible.

A world of opportunity

Borealis is a global company operating in over 120 countries. Anyone wishing to take advantage of international assignments will benefit from a range of measures aimed at making the process as seamless as possible:

  • Clear and transparent terms and conditions
  • Employee packages which are fair, transparent and adjusted to reflect the cost of living in the new location
  • Continuous contact with the home location and repatriation support through a dedicated career manager.

Financial peace of mind

As well as performance related pay, increased regularly according to the industry-wide benchmark, our employees will never be left without fundamental insurance.

Wherever you are based in the world, we continuously monitor the market to ensure that coverage is in line with our values. In countries where basic insurance provision does not meet our standards, we ensure that such coverage is in place. In addition to the pensions available in most countries, employees are offered the opportunity where possible to contribute to their own retirement financial planning.

The rewards of working with Borealis are much more than financial – they are life-enhancing.

Risk insurance benefits are part of our reward package

At Borealis, we continuously monitor the market in the respective countries we operate in to ensure that our coverage is in line with our philosophy. In countries where basic insurance coverage is not the prevailing market practice, we will still ensure that such basic coverage is in place.

Pension benefits, in addition to social security, are offered in most countries. Where possible following prevailing legislation or praxis, employees are offered the opportunity to contribute to their own retirement financial planning.

We offer all our employees a fair and transparent reward package

System of evaluated roles

The basis is the systematic evaluation of our roles according to a professional evaluation system linked to our internal grading structure. As pre-requisite this requires an up-to-date role description which defines the core activities and responsibilities of the specific role which is properly correlated in regards to other roles.

Market benchmark

Based on the outcome of the role evaluation, the reward package is prepared based on the grading position and the related compensation structure which is regularly compared with the relevant external market data and developments. In this respect, we ensure that the reward package is both internally and externally objective, non-discriminatory and fair.

Reward package

The reward package consists of the base salary, a possible bonus opportunity and local fringe benefits. Your performance and behaviour can influence the size of your reward package.

Going beyond boundaries

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