People Engagement

Every individual is fully engaged in what they do. Personal goals align with those of the wider organisation, so every employee cares about their work and the vital role it plays in the discoveries we make as a team.

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Employee engagement is part of our work culture. For example, individuals know their work is worthwhile and appreciated thanks to the acknowledgment and feedback they receive. We look out for everyone's health and wellbeing, listen to their thoughts and feelings about their work and help them shape their own career.

Values that support employee needs

Borealis is underpinned by company values that reinforce employee engagement. These values remind us of our individual worth and the benefits of collaborating as a team.

  1. We take responsibility for our work and the communities in which we operate.
  2. We collaborate and communicate with respect for each other.
  3. We deliver the best possible outcomes, aiming to exceed expectations in everything we do.
  4. We are fit, fast and flexible, creating openings and seizing opportunities with our Nimblicity™.

Employee feedback shapes our future

Everyone at Borealis is encouraged to comment on anything at any time – that is how we learn and improve. We regularly extend this process with a company-wide survey. Using the results, we bring about improvements and share progress with all employees. This employee-driven process allows the best ideas to rise to the top, wherever they originate from. And it enables individuals to shape the company they are part of.

Involvement and interaction

Interactive sessions give all employees the chance to get involved:

  • The Corporate Co-operation Council (CCC), an integrative forum for the exchange of information between employees, top management and owners
  • Open Forums, where local management teams update employees on company status, special topics and offer a Q&A session in an informal meeting setting
  • Executive Board tours, where a member of the Board or senior vice president hosts an open forum on an annual basis.

Continual support for sustained engagement

A continual dialogue takes place between each person and their line manager. It includes:

  • Feedback on performance and behaviour
  • Goal setting and evaluation
  • Assessment of competences
  • Career aspiration, mobility and development
  • Feedback to line manager
  • General wellbeing

Our people are our most valued asset, and we never stop discovering new ways to improve employee engagement. If you would like to be part of a team that is as passionate about its people as it is about exploring new opportunities, upload your CV and check out the latest vacancies.

Going beyond boundaries

Why not do a job you love?

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