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Going beyond boundaries

Empowered by Keep Discovering

I am curious and open-minded, and I love to inspire the people around me. I believe that we can improve our future by exploring new possibilities and pushing the boundaries beyond the already established. I firmly believe that my contribution is meaningful because I can see the impact I make every day.

Going beyond boundaries

At Borealis, the safety of our work environment and the well-being of our employees is key. It gives us the security we need to strive for more. Our journey is characterised by continuous progress. Our technologies, products and ideas are constantly evolving – to give our people and businesses the ability to create relevant solutions that also help our planet. Our curiosity sparks a relentless quest – seeking out the next find, the next clue, the next opportunity. Keep discovering!

Everything we do is guided by our values: Responsible, Respect, Exceed and Nimblicity™ which we approach from a strong ethical standpoint. Our international background helps us to achieve our goals. What unites us is our exploring mind-set, which makes us always look for a better solution and ultimately grow our business.

Key promises

Your contribution makes a difference

It is the safety of our work environment that allows us to discover what lies ahead. We do this together because that makes us stronger. As our path unwinds, we challenge what's in our way and keep the spirit that drives us: the spirit of togetherness.

Where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand

We value our employees' knowledge and ideas. We also encourage forward-looking thinking and exploring new ways of driving innovation.
Our corporate responsibility lies in fostering sustainability and creating solutions that truly add value to our global society.

Where different cultures foster culture

We know that our culture is defined by many. Our diversity and inclusiveness are integral to who we are. These are the key aspects that empower us to keep moving – and improve even more.

Growing ideas, growing our business and growing you

We can only be such a high-per-forming company because we are ambitious. We unite forward-thinking people to promote progress that ultimately grows our business and changes our industry for the better.

Follow your ambition

We are naturally curious about exploring new solutions and ideas that emerge from our creative collaboration. We openly question the status quo and enjoy the thrill of establishing new standards by always striving for more. To us, this means creating value through innovation.

Going beyond boundaries

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