Borcycle™ Technology

Borcycle™ is an evolving recycling technology that transforms polyolefin post-consumer based waste streams into value-adding solutions for demanding applications.

What is Borcycle™ Technology?

Borcycle™ solutions provide performance while helping address global environmental and regulatory challenges. Borcycle enables the consistent and reliable production of high quality rPO compounds, bringing not only peace of mind to customers, but also to society as a whole and its future generations. This technology drives the shift from linear to circular product offerings while safeguarding the environment. It combines the Borealis innovation heritage in polymer technology with scalable and transformative recycling technology.

Scope of Borcycle™

Borcycle technology transforms polyolefin post-consumer waste to a high-quality raw material for the production of a broad range of versatile value-adding polyolefin products. It enriches and evolves the existing Borealis virgin polyolefin value-adding portfolio with pioneering circular solutions for a broad range of demanding applications across industries. It is a modular and scaleable process technology suite, utilising state-of-the-art unit steps and delivering consistent quality. Borealis advances Borcycle through value-chain cooperation and sharing of expertise and competence in application development, polymers and compounding.

Why Borcycle™?

Borcycle is driving the shift from linear to circular product offerings, whilst caring for the environment. The technology is optimised to ensure the lowest global warming potential across all process steps resulting in the most sustainable technology, in its totality. Built on the foundation of the Borealis track record in polymer technology and application expertise, Borcycle delivers the combination of performance and sustainability in an increasingly circular polyolefin industry.

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