Regulatory Filings


Borealis Insurance A/S is a 100 % owned subsidiary of Borealis AG. As a captive, the company only insures assets and activities of the Borealis Group. The company has no other activities. Borealis Insurance A/S is subject to the Financial Business Act and is under supervision of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), Finanstilsynet. The FSA conducts an inspection at each insurance company, including captives. Such inspection was conducted in April 2015.

Inspection by Danish FSA 2015 (Danish)
Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2021

Regulatory Filings

Vienna Stock Exchange

Financial Markets Authority


The Issuer Information Center (IIC) is the central source of information from Austrian issuers. According to the amendment to the Stock Exchange law dated April 2007 (§86) the IIC functions as the officially appointed system for the central storage of regulated information. With this amendment the EU directive on transparency 2004/109/EC has been implemented as national law. The aim is the harmonisation of transparency requirements relating to information on issuers with an obligation to register. Such an obligation to register exists for all issuers whose securites are admitted to trading on a regulated market.

OeKB Issuer Information Center

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