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Keep ahead of global food packaging trends

As global food demand continues to grow, the role of packaging has never been more critical. Combining superior protection, guaranteed freshness and regulatory compliance, polyolefin-based solutions stand out as the optimal choice for modern food packaging.

Our flexible packaging portfolio offers a comprehensive range of blown film solutions, including options that offer enhanced functionality, such as retortable packaging to meet demand for long-life products, and resealable options to meet consumer preference for convenience.

As industry leaders in circular innovation, we also support you to meet increasing demand for sustainable solutions. This includes minimizing material use through downgauging, offering monomaterial solutions for improved recyclability, and presenting circular alternatives from our completely food-safe Bornewables™ and Borcycle™ C portfolios.

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Consumer Products Packcycle Flexible packaging

Packcycle: improving the circularity of industrial flexible packaging

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Consumer Products Diapers packaging

Breakthrough hygiene packaging produced together with NEEMANN contains PCR produced mainly from household municipal waste

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Consumer Products Dog food pouch

Borealis, Gascogne, Erema and Arburg unite in sustainable dog food bag recycling initiative, by making it possible for polypropylene (PP) flexible material to be recycled and reused in the PP rigid stream.

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